The Gospel… According to Mark

scriptureSt. Mark was the first to set in writing a ‘Gospel’ of Jesus Christ, although this occurred decades after Jesus’ life, death, and Resurrection. We will explore what the first-century Christians believed about Jesus the Christ.

This course is a study of the gospel style and of Mark’s gospel specifically. Come read, consider, and pray with us on Wednesdays, morning or evening. Either bring your own favorite Bible to class, or you can use the large-print hard-cover Bibles that are in the room. We will be using the New Collegeville Bible Commentary: The Gospel According to Mark.

If you are just returning to town, feel free to join the class at any time.


Course Calendar*

Date (2019) Preparation
January 9 Introduction to the New Testament
January 16 Introduction to Mark
January 23 Mark Chapter 1
January 30 Mark Chapter 2
February 6 Mark Chapters 3–4
February 13 No Class
February 20 No Class
February 27 Mark Chapters 5–6
March 6 Mark Chapters 7–8
March 13 Mark Chapter 9
March 20 Mark Chapter 10
March 27 Mark Chapters 11–12
April 3 Mark Chapters 13–14
April 10 Mark Chapters 15–16

* Dates subject to change.