“Come, follow me!”

Jesus asks us, as disciples, to follow Him. While we do that day in and day out, it is a special blessing to be able to physically follow him—walk through the same fields, along the same paths, and in the same buildings in which Jesus lived here on earth.

In May (15-27) 2019 we will experience a pilgrimage to discover, meditate, pray, learn in a comfortable relaxed atmosphere. Imagine being on the hillside where Jesus preached the Sermon on the Mount; the room where Jesus instituted the Holy Eucharist, the path that He took carrying the cross to Calvary… and on and on!

If you have not experienced the Holy Land in person, this will be the trip of a lifetime! (Note this page’s Sacred Scripture quotation from not one but two prophets.) If you have already been there (perhaps often?) you will learn more on this pilgrimage than ever before. This is the living story of Jesus’ salvation event. We see, and at the same time we learn from an experienced Catholic tour guide; I too will present the Biblical backstory associated with our daily visits. We attend daily Mass in locations that Jesus blessed with His presence. We pray Biblical prayers and psalms relevant to the sites we visit.


In-country: 11-days, 10 nights
Non-stop Flight: El Al, MIA <—> TLV


Dead Sea

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